Ice Cream Social
Garden Grill
The Land - Epcot

EDITOR'S NOTE: The Ice Cream Social is NO Longer Offered - January 2005


Epcot's Garden Grill revolving restaurant features an afternoon Ice Cream Social with Mickey and his friends.

Priority Seatings (90 days in advance) are available at 3:00pm and also 3:30 pm. The cost is $6.75 plus tax and gratuity per person (same charge for children or adults).

The reviews are mixed. Here's what folks have to say about the Ice Cream Social!


My family enjoys doing character dining and we thought that we had experienced all of the different meals. However on our last trip in December we made reservations at the Garden Grill to do the Ice Cream Social. It was a blast! We had 3:00 reservations and were quickly seated and our drink orders were taken.

Just as we were posing for pictures with Mickey, our servers delivered the most massive ice cream creations I have ever tried to consume. A large waffle cone full of vanilla ice cream was "glued" to the plate with a puddle of chocolate. Cookie "straws" were sticking out of the ice cream as well as a few gummy worms digging into the concoction. Top all this with chocolate syrup, sprinkles, and more cookies and you can just imagine what was placed before us.

The best part is this character meal only costs $7.95 making it the least expensive sitdown character meal in the parks. It made for a nice afternoon treat. I highly recommend this character meal. We will be doing it again on our next trip. (Mary Gasaway, December 2004)


I can't believe how disappointed I was with this eating-event. At $6.99 per person (no drink included) it turned out to be one heck of an expensive dessert. To think of all the yummy pastries I could have sampled in France or Norway... sigh.

The characters didn't come until after we were finished with dessert. The waiter asked if we saw them and when we mentioned that we had not he went away. Later, Chip and Dale came by. Shortly Mickey followed however I don't recall ever seeing Pluto.

I don't think the ice cream was very special. Vanilla bean ice cream in a waffle cone/choco chip cookie was not worth $6.99. No choice of ice cream - and no sauce on top, either. My second to last favorite meal at WDW - in value and in taste. (June, 2004)

Our family (myself, husband and 2 daughters ages 6 and 2) recently tried for the first time the Ice Cream Social offered at The Land in Epcot. It was wonderful. It is hands down the most inexpensive way to meet Mickey and friends.The cost per person regardless of age is $6.99. It is offered periodically throughout the week in the afternoon. Adults are brought a vanilla ice cream cone "planted" in a large chocolate chip cookie surrounded by whipped cream and pirouline cookies as well as pieces of chocolate. The children's version is brought with the vanilla ice cream cone upside down with whipped cream and gummy worms. We had prompt service and numerous opportunities to visit with Mickey, Pluto, Chip and Dale. With our youngest being under 3 had we opted for a dish of plain ice cream there would have been no charge for her but we decided it wasn't worth the risk of tears to save a few dollars.The Social is something a little different and as I said earlier very inexpensive. My children don't really care to eat at the character breakfasts or dinners they are more interested in meeting the characters. It was great not to spend close to a hundred dollars just so they could have some personal time with the characters. I highly recommend this activity especially for those with little ones that want to meet Mickey. We will most assuredly do this again. (samantha, 2004)


My husband, Bruce, and I along with my parents went down to WDW to celebrate our first and 30th Anniversaries. As a special treat on our 1st Anniversary (December 8th), I planned for us to go to The Land for the Ice Cream Social with Rehitching Ceremonies for both couples. When I set it up Disney Dining had no idea what I was talking about, so I finalized with Guest Relations and the people at the counter. We were all very disappointed. The characters weren't as friendly as usual. The waiter wasn't that attentive. We had no choice in the flavor of ice cream we got (vanilla-which I'm not all that crazy about). However, the rehitching ceremony was cute! Some of our witnesses seemed bored, but we enjoyed it and will hang our certificates with fond memories. (Dana Archer, 12/03)


My daughter and I had a pretty good experience. We saw each character once. Each character sat and colored with her. Then Mickey took her from the booth, danced with her and took her to the front of the restaurant to greet other guests! At first, I thought...where is he taking my kid? She had a great time and when he brought her back to the booth, she teased with him and they started having a tickle contest. (Laurie Kolo, 12/17/00)


We went to the ice cream social and while service was a bit slow, we had lots of character interaction seeing each of the four characters at least 3 times. The ice cream was yummy and no one finished the whole thing. (Joy Morris 12/12/00)


I too was a little disappointed with the Ice Cream Social. The character interaction was wonderful and we saw everyone at least twice. The ice cream was good-but they brought 2 adult sundaes, and 1 child; we were a group of 1 adult and 2 children. The kids fought over the ice cream! We were not even seated near other people who were having ice cream, rather they were eating lunch. Also, we thought there would be much more going on than what there was! It was very quiet. I expected it would be a rousing experience. (Warren Laura, 12/4/00)


I wanted to tell you about our disappointment at the Ice Cream Social at the Garden Grill in Epcot. We were seated at 3:15 pm and had finished our sundaes by 3:40 pm. We had not seen any characters and so asked the server what happened. The character coordinator informed us that Mickey, Chip and Dale were "in the garden", which means on break from 3:20 to 3:40, but that we would see Pluto. We never did see him either. (Carol Stolicny, 11/00)


We too had a similar experience last month at the Garden Grill ice cream social. We waited equally as long with our two year old. The waitress gave us the same reply - she was sure that the characters would be "right out". We waited an additional fifteen minutes after we'd finished for Chip and Dale. When they finally did return, they headed the opposite direction so we gave up and left. Luckily we saw the characters elsewhere and our daughter was not too disappointed. (Lisa McGrail, 11/00)


The ice cream social was very nice - however the lack of characters shocked us. We did see Pluto (he was in abundance all over Disney!) and 1 Chipmunk - but that was it and very, very briefly. Our experience at our Chef Mickey's character breakfast was much much better! (The Campbell Family - Texas, 11/00)


We had a wonderful experience. It was a hot, humid day. The 3:30 p.m. break for an edible ice cream sundae really "hit the spot." Mickey was dressed as a farmer and he visited our table twice. I forget what other characters came to our table. And, the ice cream sundae was great. The sundae consisted of a large, chocolate chip cookie for the base of the "sundae glass." Then a large, homemade sugar cone is attached to become the glass. Ice cream is filled inside the cone with a "straw" that is a cookie and a wedge of chocolate sticking out of the top with gold, Mickey icons!!!!! It made for a wonderful, cool, refreshing break in the middle of a hot day and a good time was had by all!!!! The plate the the ice cream sundae came on had sliced strawberries, blueberries and swirls of chocolate. (Nancy McHolme 9/00)


We wandered into the Ice Cream Social on a hot day in August without a reservation. The sundaes were enormous, with different versions for kids (included gummi worms and an upside-down cone) and adults (no worms and a right-side up cone stuck into a chocolate chip cookie). The slowly revolving restaurant, with views of "The Land" attraction, was very cool and relaxing. We saw two characters - Mickey and Dale. Chip and Pluto were evidently on break, although the manager kept coming over and promising their arrival. We were okay with just seeing two characters, so we left after 45 minutes. The price of about $7 per person seemed fine by Disney standards, especially considering that this was an air-conditioned sit-down experience. We would definitely try this again. (I have noticed on two recent trips in August and October that fewer characters seem available at some of the character meals. Is Disney cutting back on this?) (Mary Cronin)


Hi there, Our experience wasn't very recent. In fact, it was almost two years ago (April 99), but it was great. We couldn't have had a better time. We had a coupon for "free dessert" at the ice cream social, but we left a huge tip as it was great. If we'd had to pay for it, it would have been worth every penny.

Mickey was friendly, but the most fun we had was with Chip & Dale. Some of our group decided to color (like little kids) on the white paper that covered the table. One of our group did a drawing of Mickey. When Chip & Dale came by, one of them (I think Dale) took a red crayon & drew "horns" on Mickey. The other one wrote next to the picture that "Dale was bad" (or vise versa). Then they started fighting over the paper & the crayons, since they both wanted to color.

Every time they came by us, they'd start fighting over the crayons, to the point where at the end, we had crayons flying over our heads & up to 10 feet away. They were literally flinging them across the aisle at each other!! The manager would tell them to behave & pick up their "mess". Chip & Dale kept telling US to pick up the crayons, like WE were the ones throwing them.

Finally just before the ice cream social time was over, things were so out of control at our table, the manager had to put a halt to it. He told them to pick up the crayons & that if they didn't behave, he'd have them in the kitchen washing dishes.

This is where things REALLY got interesting......! My husband was sitting in a chair at the end of the table & the rest of us were in the booth. (Picture big....240 lbs of guy) When the manager started to walk away, both Chip & Dale started making faces at him. When he turned around, they pretended like they weren't doing it.

Then he got a little "stern" with both of them & said that playtime was over. That's when one of them, I forget which one - Chip or Dale - grabbed my husband's chair and started dragging it. He was pulled down the walkway to the kitchen (approx 10-15 feet) and halfway into the kitchen. We were "on the floor" by this time. My husband could hardly get up to move his chair back, he was laughing so hard.

The poor manager was speechless and we had to reassure him that it was OK. That we weren't mad & that we were having as much fun as the characters were. (Mickey would just shake his finger at Chip & Dale when he came by & once he left - they'd make faces at him behind his back, which would make us laugh even more.) It was a wonderful way to break up the day & I'm so sorry that Carol Stolicny didn't have the fun experience that we did. I hope if she does it again, that it will be better. (Janet Bailey Salvaggi, 4/99)

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